The little house, in which Jan Kubelík was born on 5th July 1880, is located in Michle (a district of Prague), in the street “U Plynárny”, close to the Botič creek. The south wing of the house, built by his mum shortly after the Master’s birth, became an unforgettable scene of the rapid music progress of little Jan. Nowadays, this part is integrated in the area of former Hellada factory and is in the danger of imminent demolition. The Jan Kubelík foundation endeavours to maintain the complete complex that needs extensive renovation, to restore it based on historical records, and to create the reverence monument as a remembrance of Jan Kubelík’s childhood.

This project should be extended by a little Art Café that would enrich the locality. A group of four residential houses with designed public facilities, services and things like that are being developed currently.